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Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment

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While many people might treat sex addiction as a joke more than a serious condition, it can actually have life-ruining impacts on an addict if not dealt with properly. Sex is very heavily misunderstood, with tens of thousands of people within the UK qualifying as sex addicts.

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Not only can compulsive sexual behavior cause all kinds of physical and mental issues, but sexual compulsivity may put an addict in situations that could have serious consequences for them and their loved ones.

People suffering from this addiction can struggle to recover on their own, and proper treatment programmes are the best way to cure these behavioural addictions before they cause major mental problems or other serious negative consequences.

Just like drug addiction and other substance use, sex and/or love addicts can struggle with depression, relationships, and even getting through daily life. The easiest way to regain control is through proper treatment and support, usually via sex rehab.

We provide a variety of sex addiction recovery treatment plan options, working to provide effective sex addiction rehab.

Not every person with a love and/or sexual addiction goes through the same challenges, and we aim to offer the right therapeutic options to the right patients.

Whether you feel like an addiction is just starting or you have noticed extreme destructive sexual behaviour, we can help.

Benefits of Sex Addiction Therapy

Addicts often struggle to get through their addictions themselves, and sexual addiction recovery can be a hard process alone. Sexual obsession and compulsive sexual behavior can be treated much more effectively with sex addict therapy sessions.

  • Safe spaces to talk about your sex and love addiction.

  • Varied therapies, as well as group therapy.

  • Professional opinions from love addiction specialists.

  • Multiple forms of long-term support and treatment.

  • Assistance in getting rid of compulsive thoughts and compulsive behaviours.

  • Therapies and counselling for major causes of sexual addiction, such as low self-worth.

  • A range of recreational activities designed to give you back control of your sexual activities and sexual thoughts.

  • Continued support post-treatment.

This list is just a few of the core benefits sex addicts can expect when they get full-scale sex addict therapy.

Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment in

By visiting our treatment centers, patients can return to everyday life with a better handle on their own sex drive and desires, giving them back the control that they have lost.

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We understand how important varied treatments are to sex and love addicts and that no two people experience the same sexual activity obsessions in the same way.

All patients are different, and we can adapt our sex addiction recovery methods to match each patient's progress. To find out more about our treatment centers, please complete our contact form provided.

Sex Addiction Rehab Cost

Sex addicts generally pay around £1,500 - £3,000 per week for a treatment process in the UK.

However, this number can vary quite heavily. Not all addicts need the same treatment, and different treatment providers and therapists may cost more than others.

Other aspects can also come into play here. The longer the therapies last, the more they will cost, and certain therapies require more expensive physical measures to set up.

While getting the best sex addiction treatment for your situation may seem expensive, it is important to approach these kinds of sex and love addictions correctly.

Behavioural disorders can be a lot more serious than they first seem, and our range of therapies and recovery methods can be some of the best residential rehab centres available in the UK.

Types of Sex Addiction and Sex Addicts

Addiction is never a single, set condition or problem.

Many patients have existing sexual trauma issues and/or mental issues that can lead to particular kinds of addiction.

However, in some cases, their mental health condition has no direct connection to their sexual interest and love addiction type.

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Anonymous Sex Addiction

Addiction fuelled by encounters with completely unknown strangers. This could include online sexual activities and sexual relationships and can be tied into love addiction just as easily.

Exhibitionist Sex Addiction

Addiction that focuses on getting attention and earning reactions from others. This can be sparked by other behavioral addictions or an existing need for attention and may result in one person having multiple partners in secret purely for the attention.

Exploitative Sex Addiction

Addiction where the point of sexuality is about the power and dominance over a vulnerable person, consenting or otherwise.

Fantasy Sex Addiction

Sex addicts that only enjoy intimacy when there are specific fantasies and kinks involved, which can include taboo topics.

Intrusive Sex Addiction

Addiction where the sexual pleasure comes from violating somebody's boundaries without their knowledge, such as catfishing or taking advantage of a sleeping person. In some cases, these patients cannot get sexual pleasure outside of this intrusive behaviour.

Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment in

Paid Sex Addiction

Sexual pleasure comes from purchasing sexual services from prostitutes, paid videos, images, or even products.

As the patient has gotten used to doing this, they develop an addictive behaviour.

Pain Exchange Sex Addiction

Addiction where sexual pleasure comes from inflicting or receiving physical and/or emotional pain.

Seductive Role Sex Addiction

Sexuality is purely about the seduction, and interest wanes once the patient has "conquered" a new partner. This can also be a strong form of love addiction.

Trading Sex Addiction

Addiction focused on bartering or selling their sexuality to gain leverage, control, or something in return.

Voyeuristic Sex Addiction

Sexual pleasure relies on visual stimulation and voyeurship.

For more information on the types of sex addictions that our team can help patients with or to check into a treatment center today, please complete our contact form.

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What is a Sex Addiction?

At a surface level, you can have the majority of sex addiction explained in the name of the addiction itself. Sex addicts feel an addiction to sexual acts, whether alone or with a partner, which can manifest a range of different symptoms and problems in their daily life.

People who are addicted to sex do not just have a high libido. Sex is like a drug, and if they do not get those sex drugs often enough, withdrawal can set in. In even the simplest forms of sex obsession, a sex and love addiction can severely damage their mental wellbeing.

Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment in

These addictions can escalate, causing increasing mental health issues along with them. This could mean anxiety, depression, inability to keep relationships, resurfacing trauma, self-esteem issues, or even a pattern of exploiting sexual relationships under false pretences and taking advantage of others.

To find a residential treatment provider near you. please complete our enquiry form.

Sex Addiction Symptoms and Sexual Addiction Screening Test

These addictions can be hard to spot at first, especially among family members whose intimate lives may be an uncomfortable subject to you.

However, there are symptoms to watch out for, as well as any current diagnoses from sources like the American Psychiatric Association or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

  • Preoccupation with sex.

  • Taking on more sexual partners to satisfy urges.

  • Inability to cut down on sexual activity.

  • Neglecting obligations for sex.

  • Spending a lot of time doing sex-related things, such as looking at pornography, ordering sex products, or looking for partners.

  • Ignoring the risks of spontaneous sexual behaviour, such as flirting with others while married or having secret second partners.

  • Unwillingness to discuss the issue.

  • A desire to trade or bargain for sex.

  • Signs of any of the previous symptoms escalating over time, even if sexual urges are satisfied.

  • Obsessive masturbation.

Note that people can be desperate for sexual encounters without addiction.

Addiction is most clear when a person satisfies their sexual urges but continues to crave more, often to the point of using increasingly risky sources or dubious methods to secure more partners.

Porn Addiction

An addiction to pornography is a very real problem. A controversial diagnosis in some circles, porn addiction, focuses on people who withdraw from social interaction and turn to pornography (whether "conventional" pornography or other forms of kink and fetish material).

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Again, a person can watch porn without being addicted. The addiction occurs when patients retreat socially, ignore their careers, ignore family and friends and focus purely on viewing pornography instead of doing anything else.

Love Addiction

Love addiction is like an addiction to sex but focuses more on loving or being loved. These can stem from anxiety and other existing conditions and often require socially focused treatment options to cure (such as equine therapy).

Wanting to be loved is not the problem. Love addicts are co-dependent and often lose touch with reality, going to extreme measures for love.


What are the Goals of Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment?

The goal of any treatment is to cure the patient of their reliance on sex.

Like getting an alcoholic to stop drinking alcohol, sexual addicts often require specific therapies and counselling methods to get past their addictions.

How Does Inpatient Sex Treatment Work?

Our therapy sessions aim to free patients from their addictions while still allowing a healthy sex life to co-occur. We have a range of different options for treating addicts, all based on real medical research and expertise.

How Long Does Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment Last?

Sex addiction treatment can take anywhere from 28 to 90 days, and sometimes even longer.

This all depends on how responsive the client is to the treatments. First, we will need to carry out withdrawal where you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Then we can begin sexual addiction treatment.

Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment in

What are the Methods Used in Inpatient Sex Treatment?

There are many ways to approach sexual addictions. Methods include:

  • Group therapy through groups like Love Addicts Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous

  • Direct detox/cold turkey methods for sexual recovery

  • Individual therapy - Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a good example of a method that works well for most patients

  • Holistic therapies - These include things like yoga, art therapy, music therapy, adventure therapy, meditation and mindfulness

  • Family therapy - This often helps both the addict and their family understand the addiction and work together to help the individual. Family therapy is also great for rebuilding healthy relationships

  • 12-Step therapy treatment with professional counselors

Where is Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment Available?

We offer inpatient sex and love addiction treatment across the UK, providing easy-to-access therapies and treatments that can help deal with even the strongest cases of sexual dependency and addiction.

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What is Considered Sex Addiction?

In general, addiction to sex is when people no longer have a strong grip over their sexual impulses. A person becoming aroused at work is not necessarily an addict - a person who can't control the impulse to seek out a partner at work or begin sexual chats with strangers online may be.

Can Sex Addiction be Cured?

Like any addiction, it can be cured with the right methods. The most important factor is time - as well as using the right techniques to stop the problem at the source.


Our addiction program is designed to help even the most long-term addicts break their sex habits.

We aim to provide effective treatment options in every situation, making sure that each patient receives the care they need without their addiction being taken lightly.

Our admissions process is easy and you can get immediate access!

Contact us today and fill in our sex addiction assessment. We will be able to create a bespoke plan to ensure you receive the best therapies at our inpatient treatment centre.

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